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Even with limitations, SPU’s counseling services aim to help students

For college students, life can be filled with many stressors. Because of this, it is common for students to want to seek additional help for their mental wellbeing. But despite student counseling being offered at Seattle Pacific University, some students choose not to pursue those services for certain reasons.

Emily Ortega is a first year apparel merchandising student at SPU. During fall quarter, Ortega decided to schedule a meeting with Student Counseling, Health and Wellness. Initially, Orteg

Reflecting on classes during COVID

Three years ago, Seattle Pacific University closed its campus due to the spread of COVID-19, causing classes to go online. When The Falcon reported on the situation at the end of the 2020 winter quarter, many were unsure about how this transition would happen. Now, students and faculty can reflect on the time of online classes and how distance learning has influenced the way classes are taught post-quarantine.

Matthew Bellinger, assistant professor of communication at SPU, remembers what it was

No decision yet on motion to dismiss

At 9 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 17, courtroom W-728 was at capacity, filled with students, professors and alumni from Seattle Pacific University invested in the outcome of the Guillot v. Whitehead case. This hearing, which was to decide if the case would be dismissed on the basis of Uniform Public Expression Protection Act laws, took a little over an hour, and the judge heard oral arguments from both the defendants and plaintiffs.

Paul Southwick, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, felt confident in the case he

From bug infestations to ventilation issues

Residents in Ashton Hall have recently been experiencing issues that make for unfavorable living situations. Seattle Pacific University’s Ashton Hall is the school’s largest residence hall, known for its beautiful view of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and the daunting hill that students endure every day. Now with alleged issues including bug infestations, ventilation problems, and much more, residents are speaking up about these problems and are hoping to see changes soon.

When first year bioc

SPU faculty receive buyout options

Seattle Pacific University has approached faculty members that have been at SPU for 10 or more years with buyout options. This is tied to budget cuts being made to faculty and programs. A major reason for SPU’s budget cuts is the decline in enrollment, and the buyout options are in an effort to meet financial stabilization by 2025.

A buyout is when an employer offers packages for employees that are intended to be removed from their position. Buyout packages may include insurance, sabbatical and

The future of social media

Shortly after his acquisition of Twitter in Fall 2022, Elon Musk was quick to make changes at the social media company. Most recently, Twitter’s Seattle headquarters is reportedly closing its office in favor of remote working, according to the Seattle Times. As the platform navigates through turbulent times, opinions on the state of Twitter and other social media platforms differ for students at Seattle Pacific University.

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has become widely known for its char

Season to season, job to job

Every school year, hundreds of college students move away from home and into dorms. Often, this move leads students to find jobs on or around campus. Many campuses, including Seattle Pacific University, offer work study jobs as part of financial aid offers, allowing students to earn money in addition to paying their tuition.

However, during winter break, which is about six weeks long, student workers are not able to work due to the campus closing. This is one of the reasons why first year nursi

Facing students’ food insecurity

For many college students, reliable sources of food can be a struggle. Fortunately, Seattle Pacific University is working towards providing resources for people to apply for meal swipes, discounts or even to-go meals.

Students living at SPU are required to choose a meal plan to keep them fed throughout the quarter. Options range from 75 meals to 200 meals, costing between $1,873 to $2,169 a quarter. Meal plans give students access to Gwinn Commons Dining Hall as well as funds to spend at dining