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Ground Zero Radio is a youth-led online news organization based in Seattle with an additional hub in London. GZR launched its newsroom in March 2023 when it began posting articles. GZR is working towards officially launching podcasts and shows as well. I am a writer for the newsroom, as well as a podcast producer. 

Featured Articles

Seattle Filipino-American Community Advocate to Save Class from Budget Deficit

The Filipinx-American U.S. history class on a field trip at the Filipino Community Center. (Photo: Tianna Andresen)

Editor’s note: Some students in this group photo have chosen to have their faces blurred for safety and privacy reasons.

With Seattle Public Schools (SPS) facing a $131 million deficit, the district is evaluating which programs to cut. One of these programs, a virtual Filipino-American history class, is at the stake of being cut. However, members of the Seattle Filipino community

Sakura-Con 2023 Unites Fans, Artists, and Anime Community in its 24th Event

Cosplayer Williow, dressed as Inkling Girl from Splatoon, on April 7, 2023. (Photo: Antonio Nevarez)

Sakura-Con returns to Seattle’s Convention Center to host a variety of shows, shops, and panels, among several other activities to bring anime fans together. Attendees had the opportunity to enter cosplay contests, interact with voice actors from their favorite anime, and even attend a concert by the Japanese rock band, FLOW.

Considered to be Seattle’s most popular anime convention, Sakura-Con

How LAIKA, The Minds Behind Coraline, Help Keep The Classic Art Of Stop-Motion Fresh

“The Pink Palace” miniature house as seen in Coraline (2009). Photo by Antonio Nevarez.

The characters of popular stop-motion animated movies are coming to the real world. LAIKA, the movie studio behind films such as Coraline and the upcoming movie Wildwood, stops by Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture for their new exhibit, “Hidden Worlds: the films of LAIKA.”

For many movie-goers, the fantasy worlds on screen may feel like something outside of the realm of possibility. From J.R.R Tolkien’s “Midd

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