Antonio Nevarez

Antonio Nevarez is a journalism major at Seattle Pacific University. He has written and produced audio stories for KUOW 94.9's RadioActive Youth Media program. He has writes for  SPU's student newspaper "The Falcon." Antonio is a writer for Ground Zero Radio's newsroom. 

Most Recent Work:

Even with limitations, SPU’s counseling services aim to help students

For college students, life can be filled with many stressors. Because of this, it is common for students to want to seek additional help for their mental wellbeing. But despite student counseling being offered at Seattle Pacific University, some students choose not to pursue those services for certain reasons.

Emily Ortega is a first year apparel merchandising student at SPU. During fall quarter, Ortega decided to schedule a meeting with Student Counseling, Health and Wellness. Initially, Orteg

Reflecting on classes during COVID

Three years ago, Seattle Pacific University closed its campus due to the spread of COVID-19, causing classes to go online. When The Falcon reported on the situation at the end of the 2020 winter quarter, many were unsure about how this transition would happen. Now, students and faculty can reflect on the time of online classes and how distance learning has influenced the way classes are taught post-quarantine.

Matthew Bellinger, assistant professor of communication at SPU, remembers what it was

No decision yet on motion to dismiss

At 9 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 17, courtroom W-728 was at capacity, filled with students, professors and alumni from Seattle Pacific University invested in the outcome of the Guillot v. Whitehead case. This hearing, which was to decide if the case would be dismissed on the basis of Uniform Public Expression Protection Act laws, took a little over an hour, and the judge heard oral arguments from both the defendants and plaintiffs.

Paul Southwick, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, felt confident in the case he

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Instagram is my primary social media platform. My page is public, so I'm okay with anybody viewing my posts. I like to use my Instagram page as a photo album featuring my friends, family, pets, and important moments in my life. 

This specific post features photos from my trip to Chicago, where I accepted the Excellence In Student Journalism 2022 award from NLGJA. The award was for my 2021 story "How the pandemic gave me courage to explore my feminine side" on KUOW 94.9.

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