About Me

I'm from King County, Washington, and grew up in SeaTac. 

Since middle school, I've known I had a passion for storytelling; I didn't know how to get started. That was until freshman year when I joined KUOW's youth media program to learn the basics of audio storytelling throughout a month-and-a-half-long workshop. 

This workshop introduced me to the world of journalism, something I found quite boring as a child. Now, I'm studying to become the best journalist I can be. 

I love audio storytelling, but hope to branch out into video and photography. I enjoy covering LGBTQ themes and stories that deal with overcoming struggles. 

Outside of journalism, I love animals and relaxing things that allow me to "shut off my brain" for a while, like listening to music and playing Nintendo games. 

If I could choose how to spend the rest of my life, I'd want to create my own content that revolves around pop-culture and personal stories that may inspire others. I'd love to travel to many different countries to interview people that come from backgrounds much different than mine.